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Kate Clouse   PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor


Dr. Kate Clouse is an epidemiologist who has designed, managed and implemented HIV/AIDS research studies since 2004. As an Assistant Professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, her research specialty is in patient engagement throughout the continuum of HIV care, with a particular focus on South Africa. Her recent work has explored poor engagement in HIV care among postpartum women in South Africa and developing appropriate interventions to improve HIV care. She has experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating interventions to improve patient engagement in HIV care, including studies using mobile health (mHealth), case management, point-of-care technology, and financial incentive strategies. She also has training and experience in qualitative methods and analysis and often deploys a mixed-methods data approach.


  • PhD, University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill (Epidemiology)
  • MPH, University of California, Berkeley
  • BA, University of North Caroline at Chapel HIll


Population mobility and retention in HIV care among postpartum women in South Africa. Total funding: $557,965 for four years. NIH/NIMHK01 (K01MH107256). April 1, 2015 –March 31, 2019  Role: Principal Investigator

Representative Publications


Mogoba P, Phillips TK, Myer L, Ndlovu L, Were MC, Clouse K. Smartphone usage and preferences among postpartum HIV-positive women in South Africa. AIDS Care. 2018;:1-7. PubMed [journal] PMID: 30596261

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Professional Organizations

  • Member, International AIDS Society