James Muchira   PhD, MSN

Postdoctoral Scholar


Dr. James Muchira is a postdoctoral fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Mariann Piano. He completed his doctoral training at the University of Massachusetts Boston where he was recognized by the Lynch Foundation Scholarship for his outstanding academic performance and received the PhD Nursing Program Outstanding Leadership Award for his exemplary leadership as the president of the local chapter of the nursing student association. His dissertation focused on intergenerational transmission of ideal cardiovascular health and cardiovascular disease (CVD) disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs) between parents and their offspring using the Framingham Heart Study. The Framingham Heart Study is one of the longest-running multigenerational cohort studies investigating the risk factors and progression of cardiovascular disease. Since CVD develops slowly, Dr. Muchira's goals are to identify innovative ways to address CVD in families by reducing CVD risk early in life with the help of parents who serve as primary caregivers and strong role models for their children. His research has the potential to guide and inform family-and community-based programs on incorporating ideal cardiovascular health metrics in life-course prevention of CVD using cost-effective methods, especially in the underserved populations.

James has also been involved in global health research work in Kenya through the implementation of community-based screening and prevention of CVD programs. He has also been a coinvestigator on a multidisciplinary and transnational team of a Massachusetts General Hospital-sponsored cohort study testing the validity of hemoglobin A1c for screening diabetes in Uganda. His current research work is focused on investigating the role of maternal ideal cardiovascular health on childhood obesity, arterial stiffness and CVD epigenetics.