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Cathy Maxwell   PhD, RN, FAAN



Dr. Maxwell's research is directed at understanding outcome trajectories of older adults related to functional decline and frailty. Dr. Maxwell has examined outcomes in relationship to older adults' frailty status and reported one-year outcomes of older adults hospitalized for an injury (falls), including functional decline, readmissions to acute care and mortality. Most recently, Dr. Maxwell developed an educational tool for older adults to facility their understanding of the concept of frailty and to encourage proactive management of their personal trajectories of aging. She is interested in interventions with a nursing focus that empower older adults to engage in behaviors that enhance well-being and improve quality of life.

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2020-2021. Maxwell, CA (PI), Elrod, B. Aging and Frailty: Resilience and Energy in the Second Half of Life (AFRESH-C). West End Home Foundation (Nashville, TN)

2019-2020. Maxwell, CA (PI), Coogan, A (Co-I). Frailty-focused Communication (FCOM) for Advance Care Planning among Diverse Older Adults. Vanderbilt Medical School Research Immersion Program

2019-2020. Miller, S (PI) & Maxwell, CA (Co-I). A Multi-modal Educational Workshop to Teach Effective Frailty-Focused Healthcare Communication.  Vanderbilt Center for Health Communication.

2016-2019. Maxwell, CA (PI). A Frailty-Focused Communication Aid for Older Adults. Vanderbilt Faculty Research Scholar Award). July 2016 - June 2019.

2016. Maxwell, CA (PI). Introducing Early Geriatric Palliative Care to Patients and Family Caregivers. (CTSA UIIR000445) (March-December 2016)

2013-2015. Maxwell, CA (PI). The Impact of Hospitalized Injured Older Adults Pre-injury Impairments on Post-Injury Mobilization and Outcomes.  (Postdoctoral research funding, CTSA UIIR000445) (October 2013- April 2015)

Representative Publications


Werthman, J.A., Maxwell, C.A., Dietrich, M.S., Jordan, L.M., Minnick, A.F. Moderate sedation education for nurses in interventional radiology to promote patient safety: Results of a national survey. Journal of Radiology Nursing (accepted for publication October 2020)

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Book Chapters

Maxwell, C.A. (2017). Nursing considerations in general evaluation, risk management, and goals of care. In Rodriguez, A., Barraco, R., Ivatury, R.R. (Eds.) Geriatric Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, New York: Springer, ISBN: 3319574027, 9783319574028

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  • VUSN Dean?s Award for Recognition of Faculty Achievement in Media, 2021