Questions Used to Screen for Frailty and Cognitive Impairment


  1. Fatigues easily?
  2. Inability to walk up one flight of stairs?
  3. Inability to walk one block (or ¼ mile)?
  4. Has 5 or more illnesses?
  5. Has lost weight (more than 5-10%) in the last 6 months?


Cognitive Impairment:

From the perspective of a patient surrogate: Think back 5 to 10 years ago, just answer yes or no whether your loved one has had a change.

  1. Problems with judgment or decision making?
  2. Less interest in hobbies or activities?
  3. Repeat the same things over and over (questions, stories, statements)?
  4. Trouble learning to use a tool, appliance or gadget (computer, microwave, remote control)?
  5. Forget the month or the year?
  6. Trouble handling complicated financial matters (balancing checkbook, paying bills)?
  7. Trouble remembering appointments?
  8. Daily problems with memory or thinking?

For Maxwell’s study, frailty was defined as answering yes to three or more of the above frailty questions, and possible cognitive impairment was defined as answering yes to two or more questions.