Funded Grants and Contracts

Research Grants

Terrah Foster Akard
Human-Animal Interactions to Improve Reading Fluency and Comprehension for Children
with or at Risk for Learning Differences

Vanderbilt University (VU)
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $120,000

Lindsey Baksh
CTN-0080: Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Expectant Mothers
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), National Institutes of Health (NIH)
3/1/22–2/28/23 | $48,239

Lindsey Baksh
Maternal Opioid Misuse (MOM) Program
VUMC, State of Tennessee
3/1/22–12/31/22 | $2,651

Julie Barroso
Modeling Perceptions of Social Location and Decision-Making to Develop Targeted
Messaging Promoting HIV Care Engagement and ART Adherence Among Women Living with HIV in the South

East Carolina University, NIH
8/1/22–7/31/23 | $77,368

Julie Barroso
Understanding the Effects of Substance Use on Male Couples’ Risk for HIV
Florida International University, NIH
3/15/21–3/31/23 | $30,576

Leanne M. Boehm
Improving ICU Recovery in Survivors
of Critical Illness

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
4/1/19–12/31/22 | $49,999

Kate Clouse
Caribbean, Central, and South America Network for HIV Epidemiology

7/1/21–4/30/23 | $28,555

Kate Clouse
CareConekta: Mobile Health for a Mobile Population
National Institute of Mental Health, NIH
4/1/21–3/31/23 | $630,807

Kate Clouse
The South African National HIV Pregnancy Cohort: Evaluating Continuity of Care Among
Women Living with HIV

Wits Health Consortium–South Africa, NIH
4/30/22–3/31/23 | $247,169
Laurie Connors
Translation and Integration of Genomics is Essential to Doctoral Nursing:

4/1/22–3/31/23 | $689,492

Mary S. Dietrich
A Taxonomic Articulation-Focused Approach to Dysarthrla Classification
8/17/22–5/31/23 | $126,294

Mary S. Dietrich
Binaural Cue Sensitivity in Children and Adults with Combined Electric and Acoustic

12/1/22–11/30/23 | $76,682

Mary S. Dietrich
Early Childhood Stuttering and Risk for Persistence: The Impact of Emotion on Speech
Inhibition and Initiation

9/1/22–8/31/23 | $192,388

Mary Jo Gilmer
Exploring the Impact of Human-Animal Interactions on Children with Life-Threatening
Conditions and Their Parents

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH
3/1/21–2/28/23 | $440,901

Mary Jo Gilmer
Pilot Study of the Effects of AAI on QOL in Children with Life-Threatening Conditions
and Their Parents

Human Animal Bond Research Institute
1/1/19–12/31/22 | $48,819

Alvin D. Jeffery
Betty Irene Moore Fellowship Program for Nurse Leaders and Innovators
University of California, Davis, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $500,000

Alvin D. Jeffery
Development and Validation of a Diagnostic Algorithm for Alcohol Use Disorder in the
Electronic Health Records

9/1/22–8/31/23 | $29,781

Alvin D. Jeffery
Framework to Accelerate Substance Use Disorder Genetic Studies through Customizable,
EHR-Based Precision Phenotyping

National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH
9/1/22–7/31/23 | $2,377,500

Mary Ann Jessee
Population Wellbeing and Optimizing Health Systems
National Council of State Boards of Nursing
8/15/22–8/14/23 | $5,000

Sharon C. Jones
Engaging Partners in Caring Communities (EPICC): Building Capacity to Implement Health
Promotion Programs in African American Churches

Tennessee State University, NIH
9/1/22–8/31/23 | $623,656

Jennifer Kim
Diabetes, Dementia and Aging at Home
5/1/22–4/30/23 | $49,043

Jennifer Kim
Providing Safe Care to Older Hospitalized Patients Through Discrete Event Simulation

VUMC, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $29,743

Jennifer Kim
Reducing Social Isolation and Increasing Access to Essential Services Through Digital
Literacy and Inclusion for Older Tennessean
West End Home Foundation (WEHF)
8/1/22–7/31/23 | $162,605

Ruth Kleinpell
Addressing Barriers to Engaging Patient and Caregivers Experiencing Critical Illness
to Build Capacity

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)
12/1/22–11/30/24 | $250,000

Brenda Kulhanek
Realtime Measurement of Situational Workload in NICU Nurses to Improve Workload
Management and Patient Safety

5/1/22–2/28/23 | $86,724

Marianna LaNoue
PCORnet Engagement Coordinating Center
9/1/22–12/31/22 | $68,074

Brandee Madden
Integrated Addiction Medicine Project
Meharry Medical College, HRSA
8/1/22–6/30/23 | $113,825

Cathy A. Maxwell
Aging and Fragility: Activity, Resilience and Energy in Second Half of Life (AFRESH)
Urban Housing, WEHF
1/1/22–12/31/22 | $36,654

Cathy A. Maxwell
Mitochondrial Fitness and the AFRESH Wellness Program
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $31,314

Mulubrhan Mogos
Application of 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring to Measure the Effect of
COVID-19 Infection on Cardiovascular Health: A Pilot Study

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), VU
7/1/21–6/30/23 | $10,000

Mulubrhan Mogos
Pathogenic Memory T-Cells as Potential Therapeutic Targets for PreeclampsiaVU
6/1/22–6/30/23 | $120,000

James Muchira
Turning the Tide on Early Childhood Obesity
Heilbrunn Nurse Scholar Award, Rockefeller University Heilbrunn Family Center for
Research Nursing
7/1/20–6/30/23 | $25,000

Jeremy Neal
Differences in Labor-Associated Inflammation Following Spontaneous Labor Onset Among
Low-Risk Black and White Nulliparous Women

6/1/22–6/30/23 | $116,072

Jeremy Neal
Differences in Labor Progress, Care Received During Labor, and Provider-Patient
Communication and Decision-Making Quality among Low-Risk 
Black vs. White Nulliparous Women with
Labor Onset
2/1/22–1/31/23 | $457,019

Chorong Park
Advancing Discovery and Supporting Nurse Leaders
Moore Family Foundation
8/1/21–9/30/23 | $100,000

Chorong Park
Reducing Sedentary Time in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Pilot Randomized Control

4/1/22–3/31/23 | $45,000

Julia Phillippi
Comprehensive Postpartum Management for Women with Hypertensive Disorders of

9/21/22-8/31/23 | $10,775

Julia Phillippi
Vanderbilt Integrated Center of Excellence in Maternal and Pediatric Precision

7/1/22–6/30/23 | $208,141

Bethany Rhoten
Telehealth Physical Activity Intervention After Lumbar Spine Surgery: A Mixed-Methods
Feasibility Trial

VUMC, Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $9,030

Sheila H. Ridner
A Randomized Trial of an Advanced Pneumatic Compression Device vs. Usual Care for Head
and Neck Lymphedema

Tactile Medical
12/1/20–11/30/25 | $613,270

Lori Schirle
The Feasibility of Incorporating Pain Sensitivity Testing into Total Knee Replacement

6/1/22–6/30/23 | $64,245

Lori Schirle
Variation in Home Opioid Consumption after Total Knee Replacement: Investigating the
Role of Pain Sensitivity and Gene Expression

National Institute of Nursing Research, NIH
8/18/22–7/31/23 | $481,788

Patricia A. Scott
Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care (TIPQC)
VUMC, State of Tennessee
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $61,579

Nadia Markie Sneed
Learning Health System Training Program: PROgRESS—Patient/pRactice Outcomes and
Research in Effectiveness and Systems Science

7/1/22–6/30/23 | $120,014

Deonni Stolldorf
Effect of Synapse Medicine Decision Support on Inpatient Efficacy and Efficiency: A
Hybrid Type 2 Implementation Study

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Synapse Medicine
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $28,680

Deonni Stolldorf
Implementation of a Self-Care Plan for Patients with Heart Failure Discharged from the
Emergency Department

7/1/22–6/30/23 | $68,652

Deonni Stolldorf
Tailored Dissemination and Implementation of Emergency Care Clinical Decision Support
to Improve Emergency Department Disposition

9/1/22–8/31/23 | $76,547

Teaching & Workforce Grants

Pam Jones
ANE-Nurse Practitioner Residency Program
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $2,443,595

Ginny Moore
Vanderbilt Nursing Education Program Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (VEP-SANE)
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $1,500,000

Courtney J. Pitts
Advanced Nursing Education Workforce
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $2,710,321

Courtney J. Pitts
AIDS Education and Training Centers Program
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $42,349

Mavis N. Schorn
Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Program
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $3,250,000

Mavis N. Schorn
VUSN Nurse Faculty Loan Program
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $843,559

Clinical-Community Partnership Grants

Leah Branam
United Way Metro Nashville 2021-2022
United Way Metro Nashville
7/1/22–6/30/23 | $89,500

Leah Branam
Youth in the Kitchen: Promoting Healthy Eating and Wellness through Cooking and
Nutrition Programs for Youth and Families

Cigna Foundation
8/1/22–7/31/23 | $100,000

Tonya Elkins
Community Health Worker Training Program
9/15/22–9/14/25 | $3,000,000

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