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Making an Impact

July 3, 2023

At Vanderbilt University School of Nursing (VUSN), we are committed to the generation and dissemination of knowledge; to using science and evidence in advancing nursing science, improving the health of individuals, families and communities, and finding solutions for effective health care delivery; to making an impact on education, nursing and health care across the U.S. and beyond. The following represent select accomplishments by VUSN nurse scientists, educators and leaders in the academic and scientific arenas from the past year.

VUSN By the Numbers 2017

February 9, 2017

Dean’s Message

February 1, 2017

Dear Alumni, Colleagues and Supporters, Each autumn, I deliver a State-of-the-School presentation to alumni at Reunion. The presentation includes facts and figures — how many students, in which specialties, current NCLEX-RN pass rates — and so on. I discuss research growth, clinical practice and strategic goals. I also share news and achievements. In some ways,…

Using the Internet for Good

February 1, 2017

By Matt Batcheldor Even before she began working directly with children with life-threatening conditions, Terrah Foster Akard, MSN ‘01, PhD ‘08, was moved by their stories. In one, a 7-year-old boy stuffed pictures and notes into egg-shaped hosiery containers and hid them around his house like Easter eggs. His family found them after he died….

When They Can’t Tell You Where It Hurts

February 1, 2017

Already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Todd Monroe’s grandmother was dealt a second blow — breast cancer. Because she couldn’t articulate what was wrong, the cancer was advanced when she was diagnosed. Managing her pain became a top priority, but that was a challenge: she couldn’t tell the caregivers in the nursing home where she lived…

Top 10 Misconceptions About Nitrous Oxide in Labor

February 1, 2017

Nitrous oxide makes you laugh (hence the nickname “laughing gas”). Because nitrous oxide decreases anxiety, it puts women more at ease and they may be more talkative and relaxed — but don’t count on side-splitting laughter. Nitrous oxide is offered at many hospitals and birth centers. Not true; nitrous oxide use has dramatically increased since…