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Photo Gallery: Pinning

April 25, 2012

Dean’s Message

April 28, 2011

There’s never been a better time to be a nurse, in part because there is so much progress in our profession.  That’s why I want to share the new recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that are also closely aligned with the direction of your School. In 2008, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and…

Rewriting How Nursing Students Learn

April 23, 2011

by Leslie Hill Everything in health care is constantly evolving, including how students are taught and faculty are trained.  From the virtual world of Second Life to a comprehensive new approach to interprofessional learning, we’re erasing the old chalkboard and rewriting nursing education for the 21st Century. A New World The sweatpants-clad nursing student winds…

Spotlight on Nursing Research/Swelling in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

April 23, 2011

Sheila Ridner, PhD, MSN, wants everyone to know that lymphedema (swelling) doesn’t just happen to breast cancer survivors.  So, she’s expanding her research to head and neck cancer patients. “This work is so important because lymphatic damage and the fibrosis happen from the shoulder to nasal area where our mechanisms for swallowing, nourishing and breathing…

Alumni Profile/Michael Briley, MSN ‘94, DNP, APN, Julia Hereford Society President

April 23, 2011

When people ask me about the practice I started more than 17 years ago, I tell them it’s more than a business.  It’s a philosophy.  I believe that wellness and preventions of problems are the keys to a better, richer life.  This philosophy is fundamental to all aspects of my practice and reflects the strong…

Class Notes – Spring 2011

April 23, 2011

40s Eunice Moe Brock, BSN ‘41, is honorary president of the Liaocheng International Peace Hospital in China.  She is writing a book “Search for a World View” that will harmonize the scientific concepts of the physical and spiritual realms, and hopes to have it translated into Chinese in 2011. Bess Winchester Isaacs, BSN ‘47B, lives…