Affordable Medications

Dispensary of Hope, a nationwide distributor that provides unused or surplus medications to health care providers and clinics to disperse to people with no pharmacy coverage, is a key component to the Clinic at Mercury Courts’ ability to provide access to affordable medications.

The clinic dispenses about $4,000 worth of medications monthly. It does not have a pharmacy but is able to stock a dispensing closet of medications for some of the more prevalent disease states like hypertension, high cholesterol and asthma. It still has a difficult time getting diabetes and COPD medications because of the high demand within the health care field, said Scott.

“It is important to note that we do not have any narcotics on site,” added Ketel. “People know that we do not keep any narcotics so they do not expect to get them. In an area where drug-seeking behavior is common, it is not an issue here.

“We don’t prescribe any scheduled drugs here either and drug seekers know that, so we don’t have to deal with any disruptive behavior related to abuse and addiction in the clinic.”