Configuring your Outlook mobile app

Configuring the Outlook App

  1. Open the Outlook app
  2. Tap the upper left corner where it says Inbox
  3. A window appears with a GEAR icon at the bottom, tap it
  1. Delete the email account FROM THIS DEVICE by tapping on the email account listed
  2. Tap Add Account
  3. It now prompts for your Microsoft sign in. Make sure it is your email address, if it isn’t, change it so that it is, and then tap Next. I had to change mine from to
  4. Type in your epassword and then tap Sign In
  5. You will then be at the Add Another Account page, tap Maybe Later
  6. Tap Skip and then you may be prompted again, if so tap Skip again
  7. Now your emails and calendar will start to populate. We still need your contacts to move to your phone. To do this you will need to tap in the upper left corner where it says inbox
  8. Tap the gear at the bottom
  1. Tap on your email address under the Mail Accounts, NOT storage accounts
  2. You will now see a slider next to Save Contacts, slide it to the right and then tap Save to My iPhone


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