How to Setup a Zoom Meeting in Outlook

This article will discuss how to setup a Zoom meeting and best practices.

As a Vanderbilt Faculty/Staff/Student you have access to host Zoom Meetings. If you have not already done so, please visit to setup your Zoom account.

Step 1

After signing into your Vanderbilt Zoom account with your VUNetID and password you can download the Outlook Add-in that will allow you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from Outlook.

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the Outlook Add-In you will have an option to Schedule a Meeting directly from Outlook.

When scheduling your Zoom Meeting be sure to require a password.

If you click on Advanced Options you will notice you have several options for your meeting. We recommend that you have a Waiting Room so you will know all of your participants. If you have a large meeting, it is recommended to have Alternative Hosts that can help you moderate your meetings.

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