How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10

The purpose of this article is to explain how to map a network drive in Windows 10.

If you are working off campus and need to connect to the I: or J: drive you will need to install the Pulse VPN client prior to connecting to network resources.

Learn how to install and use the VPN.

Step 1

Locate the Type here to search box

Step 2

Type File Explorer then click the result labeled File Explorer

Step 3

Select This PC on the left view pane. Then select the Computer Tab at the top. From there you will click Map Network Drive as illustrated below.

Step 4

Select your drive letter from the dropdown. You can use any drive letter available, but for consistency you should use the following:

If you are mapping the I: drive type the following path into the Folder field: \\nurse‐s2\vol1

If you are mapping the J: drive type the following path into the Folder field:  \\nurse‐s2\mac

Be sure to uncheck Reconnect at sign-in. Then click Finish


That should bring up the contents of that drive. You can now work on files in that drive or add and remove files from that drive.

NOTE: If you are prompted for a username or password. You will enter the username as: vanderbilt\vunetid and then your password.


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