How to Create a Graded Quiz or Exam (Basics)

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a basic quiz or exam in the Brightspace learning environment.

Four Essential Elements

There are four things you must do for every quiz you create:

  1. Give the quiz a name
  2. Add questions (either create new or import from Question Library)
  3. Make it active (Restrictions tab)
  4. Automatically grade responses (Assessment tab)
  5. Associate to a grade item (Assessment tab)

Add Questions

Step 1

Navigate to the Quizzes tool, and click New Quiz on the Manage Quizzes page


Step 2

Setup quiz

  1. Enter a name for your quiz
  2. Click Add/Edit Questions


Step 3

Add questions

  1. Click New to create a new question (or click Import to add questions from the Question Library)
  2. When you’re finished adding questions, click Done Editing Questions


Activate Quiz

Step 4

  1. Click Restrictions
  2. Change Status to Active


TIP: As soon as you activate a quiz it will be available for students to view. If you want students to see/take the quiz at a specific time, use the Has Start Date and Has End Date check boxes. Checking Display In Calendar will automatically populate the students’ course schedules with the quiz date.

Auto Grade Responses

Step 5

Set quiz to be automatically graded

  1. Click Assessment
  2. Check box next to Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion
  3. Click Save and Close


Associate to Grade Item

Step 6

Under Grade Item select the grade item you created in the gradebook for this quiz, then click Save and Close


Video: Create a New Quiz with New Questions

Video: Create a New Quiz with Imported Questions

in Brightspace

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