Installing and Running DUO Mobile for 2 Factor Authentication

**This assumes you already have the VPN installed.**



Installing and Configuring DUO

  • You will be taken to the Single Sign On page. Sign On with your vunetid and epassword.

  • In the “Protect Your Vanderbilt University Account webpage there is a green button “Start Setup”, click it.

  • In the “What type of device are you adding?” box, ensure “Mobile phone” is selected, it should be by default, and click the green “Continue” button.

  • Next, enter your phone number as the example shows. You don’t have to use the “()” like they are shown in the example. Check the box saying the number is correct and then click “Continue”.

  • Select the type of phone you have by clicking in the circle next to your type of phone and click “Continue”.

  • Now, install Duo on your phone. From within the app store on your phone search for “Duo Mobile”. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER, you will need it in future steps. If you do close the browser you will have to repeat the previous steps. You may have already installed Duo Mobile. In that case just click the green button.

  • I have an Android and iPhone shown below. The iPhone says “Open” because it is installed on the device already

  • Once you have located Duo Mobile on your phone, install it. You do not have to open it at this time.
  • After the installation is complete, go back to your browser on the computer and click “I have Duo Mobile Installed”.

  • Open DuoMobile on your phone and click the “+” in the upper right corner, the red arrow is pointing to it.

  • If prompted, click “Allow” to Allow Duo Mobile to take pictures and record video?

  • Hold the phone over the QR code shown in the browser window on your computer. You do not have to take a picture, Duo Mobile will read the code on your browser window and you will see a green check mark over the QR code within the browser as well as a 6 digit randomized code. Click “Continue” in the browser window.
  • You should now have a confetti falling green box stating that the enrollment was successful. Click “Dismiss”.
  • In the field “When I log in”, click on the down arrow to expand your options. Select “Automatically send this device a Duo Push” and click “Save”. Once the green button changes to “Saved” you can close the browser window.

  • Duo Mobile is now fully configured.

Running DUO

  • Now to run DUO and get into the VPN what you will do is first launch the VPN client (Pulse Secure). You will be asked for your username and password, as always. However on the next screen it will ask you for your secondary password. What you will put in there is the word “push” without the quotes.  (NOTE: the very first time you do it, it may spin and spin. Close the Pulse Secure window and try again by opening it. The second time it should be relatively quick.)

  • That will push the screen below to your phone, so make sure you have your phone handy. You will touch “Accept” and the Secure Pulse window on your computer will automatically advance, logging you into the VPN. You may then use it the way you normally do.




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