Onboarding Checklist

We realize that there are many items that need to be completed before orientation, so we have created this checklist that can help you get organized. Please note that you are not required to use this checklist; it is merely to help you stay on track to meet required deadlines.

Required Upon Acceptance

Required By July 1, 2023

Documentation of requirements must be submitted at two web locations (EXXAT and Student Health Portal) in order to be cleared to register for spring 2023 courses. Please complete and/or collect documentation of the required immunizations, titers and testing on the VU Nursing Immunization and TB Testing Form , which will need to be submitted to both web platforms.

EXXAT - (Vanderbilt School of Nursing enrollment requirements)

Once you have paid your deposit, are officially enrolled, and have claimed your VUnet ID, an email invitation from the Exxat system (noreply@exxat.com) to claim your Exxat profile will be sent to your Vmail account. Please note that there is sometimes a lag between when you are officially enrolled and when the Exxat system is updated. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder periodically for the email. If you have not received an invitation from Exxat by June 15th, email Clinical Placement Office.  Once the Exxat account has been activated you'll be able to sign in with your Vanderbilt University email address at https://login.exxat.com. From there you'll be directed to the Vanderbilt sign-on page to complete logging in with your VUnetID and password.

Required immunizations:

Deadline: August 16, 2023

Required Upon Acceptance

  • Name of employer associated with the plan
  • Deductible (family or an individual plan)