VUSN Scholarly Nurse - Spring 2014

Welcome to Scholarly Nurse

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is proud to launch this inaugural issue of Scholarly Nurse, a sampling of the faculty’s scholarly activities from the fall. Twice-a-year, we will share this information with you and encourage you to share it with your colleagues as well.

Our mission is research, education, informatics and practice – all working together to strengthen the world of nursing. When it comes to research, we are committed to educating tomorrow’s researchers while advancing nursing research through publications, presentations and various grants.

We believe that science and evidence are the foundation of everything we do in health care and teaching. It’s how we innovate, how we improve practice and how we launch new future initiatives.

Clinical Scholarship Program

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is launching a major initiative in building scholarly clinical excellence. Dr. Ruth Kleinpell has joined the VUSN Center for Research Development and Scholarship to support the clinical scholarship program designed to support non-tenure track faculty to develop projects that develop innovative and sustained clinical services, a series of clinically focused dissemination efforts,– or a combination of the two. Projects will be evaluated on several criteria, including their impact on areas such as practice innovations that improve the health status of patients, and evaluations of improvements in quality, safety, cost with populations/systems within and outside of Vanderbilt University. The School projects making the first award by the end of the current fiscal year, with more awards in the upcoming fiscal year on a rolling basis.

Faculty Spotlight

Jie Deng and Sheila Ridner
Vanderbilt School of Nursing faculty, researchers and collaborators Sheila Ridner and Jie Deng recently received R21 funding for a study to determine if yoga is an effective, accessible and low cost treatment option for survivors of head and neck cancer.