Scholarly Nurse Student Works

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Below is a sampling of the VUSN scholarly work in this area. VUSN Student names are in bold.



Jackson J, Santoro M, Ely T, Boehm L, Kiehl A, Anderson L, Ely E. Improving patient care through the prism of psychology: Application of Maslow's hierarchy to sedation, delirium, and early mobility in the intensive care unit. Journal of Critical Care. Feb 2014; 29(3), 438-444.

Gillespie GL, Fisher BS.  Healthcare employees' work-related victimization and use of preventive measures. Journal of Hospital Administration. May 2014; 3(5), 170-181.

Al-Natour A, Gillespie GL, Wang L , Felblinger, D. A comparison of intimate partner violence between Jordanian nurses and Jordanian women. Journal of Forensic Nursing. Jan 2014; 10(1), 13-19.

Hittle K, Bolick B, Kline-Tilford A, Keesing H. NAPNAP position statement on age parameters for pediatric nurse practitioners. Journal of Pediatric Health Care. July 2014; 28(4), A15-16.

Jeffery AD, Pickler RH. Barriers to nurses' adherence to central venous catheter guidelines. Journal of Nursing Administration. July 2014; 44(7), 429-435.

Thompson DG, Tielsch-Goddard A. Improving management of patients with autism spectrum disorder having scheduled surgery: Optimizing practice. Journal of Pediatric Health Care. Aug 2014; 28(5), 394-403.



Jeffery A, Jarvis R. Staff Educator's Guide to Clinical Orientation: Onboarding Solutions for Nurses. Indianapolis, IN; Sigma Theta Tau International; 2014.