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Meet our Class of 2012 - 2013

The PhD in Nursing Science Program at Vanderbilt is committed to academic excellence. We prepare our students for intellectually rewarding academic and research careers. Our students engage in a variety of scholarly activities and collaborate with faculty in nursing and other disciplines. Through mentorship and collaboration, our students learn critical skills and gain the knowledge they need for a successful and productive career in nursing.

Micah A. Skeen, MS, RN, PNP

Columbus, OH
Track: Clinical Research Track
Faculty Adviser(s): Drs. Mary Jo Gilmer and Terrah Foster

micah skeen

I currently live in Columbus Ohio and I am a pediatric bone marrow transplant practitioner. I have worked in the field of pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant for over ten years. Because of this, I have been given the unique opportunity to be involved in research on several levels.  I am the nurse representative on our Institutional Review Board, have been part of many national collaborative research studies, serve as the study nurse on several national studies and have been given the opportunity to conduct my own research and present at the national level.  My extensive involvement in research only led me to the next logical step, my PhD. I hope to continue my career in research and improve the outcomes of pediatric transplant patients.

I chose Vanderbilt for several reasons. It is ranked 15th in the country in nursing and has an excellent reputation for research.  The diverse internationally known faculty to help guide me in my doctoral studies and the opportunity for synchronous distance learning all influenced my decision to select Vanderbilt. I have several areas of interest. My main interest is communication and adherence in the pediatric bone marrow transplant practitioner. In my current role, I am studying the impact of early re-vaccination in the pediatric bone marrow transplant population.