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A foundation of collaboration

May 22, 2019

Tucked away in an Olin Hall conference room on the Vanderbilt University campus, 36 adults huddle over Lego pieces. Eleven teams have been assigned to assemble multicolored Legos using the written directions included in the packet. The result should be a Frankenstein figure. Each team must time their progress. Hands fly up as teams complete…

The evolution of the Emergency Nurse Practitioner

October 9, 2018

For years, Jennifer Wilbeck, DNP, PMC’06, MSN’99, FAANP, pieced together nursing knowledge much like working a jigsaw puzzle. Each course’s curriculum interlocked with teachings from another to form a complete picture of what she wanted to learn. Ultimately, Wilbeck gained instruction from a variety of nursing specialties to learn what she felt she needed to…

The DNP Advantage

October 9, 2018

They live and work across the U.S. — some in bustling cities, others in scenic mountain settings. Their backgrounds range from surgical nursing to labor and delivery. Some of them have decades of experience and others have less. One characteristic all these nurses have in common, however, is they knew that obtaining their doctor of…

Four gifts, one purpose

October 4, 2018

The $26.3 million Vanderbilt University School of Nursing expansion, which began last spring, is nearing completion at the intersection of historic Godchaux Hall, Patricia Champion Frist Hall and the Nursing Annex. The project was aided recently by a range of supporters who together are helping raise the roof. Friends, foundations, alumni and past parents all…

Providers in demand

March 12, 2018

Matthew Hardy, PhD, regional vice president of Centerstone, one of the nation’s largest behavioral health care organizations, recently hired six psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP) to serve the rapidly expanding need for mental health and addiction services in the northern area of Middle Tennessee that he oversees. He said he could have hired six more…


March 12, 2018

When 24-year-old Blossom Olmos learned she was pregnant with her first child, her primary care physician referred her to an obstetrician, but there was just one problem. The insurance provided through her employer didn’t cover maternity care and childbirth. She and her boyfriend, John Haro, were living in California, but they had just decided to…