Posting a Video in Kaltura that can be viewed on a Webpage Outside of Brightspace (or shared as a URL in an Email)

This document assumes you know how to post a video (mp4 or mov) in Kaltura and have it appear in Brightspace. What we will explain here is how to show that same video on a webpage that is not inside of Brightspace.

First, upload the video (mp4 or mov) file into Kaltura while within the My Media tab in Brightspace. Brightspace will provide you with the correct interface to get the video uploaded into Kaltura. The process is identical to uploading the video to display inside of Brightspace.

Once the file is in Kaltura and rendered, you will get the external frameset HTML code from within Brightspace as follows.

From within Brightspace, click the My Media tab to go into your video library.

Select the video you want by clicking on the link or the thumbnail.

Scroll down and click the “share” button.

You will see the embed code and a choice of two skins. A skin will display a progress bar across the bottom of the video window and the icons to make the video full screen, speed it up, and play and pause the video. Select either skin. For the purposes of this document, I selected the second skin.

Also select the size. If text is important select 608×402 (the user can blow that up to full screen using the diagonal arrows in the skin).

With all of the embed code highlighted, click CTRL-C (Command C on a Mac) to copy the code to your clipboard.

Take that code and paste it into an email. Send the email to your webmaster (the person in charge of the website where you want the link posted).  They will then take that iframe code, place that on their webpage and that positions the video window on their website.


Ok, but what if you just want to send someone an email link to your video and you don’t want the video on a webpage? You can do that but it requires you to select just part of the iframe code. Below is the iframe code that was generated. Copy/paste that code into your email:

Now carefully delete everything in black leaving only the gold (it very well may be blue when you do it and is just highlighted in gold here in this document).

<iframe id=”kaltura_player” src=”[streamerType]=auto&amp;flashvars[localizationCode]=en&amp;&wid=2 cf8hai0j” width=”608″ height=”402″ allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozAllowFullScreen allow=”autoplay *; fullscreen *; encrypted-media *” frameborder=”0″ title=”Kaltura Player”></iframe>

Make sure there are no quotes before or after the URL and that you did not inadvertently chop off part of what was in gold.[streamerType]=auto&amp;flashvars[localizationCode]=en&amp;&wid=2_cf8hai0j

When the email recipient clicks that link, the video will display. It is sizeable by adjusting the size of the browser window it is displayed in. (NOTE: If for some reason the link doesn’t work, the user can copy and paste the gold link above into the URL line in a Chrome web browser window. If it still doesn’t work you didn’t cut out the black parts, leaving the gold part, correctly or the user disabled Flash player built into their Chrome browser.)

Because the University pays by the megabyte for downloads from Kaltura, please restrict the content you post to your work at Vanderbilt.



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