How to Collaborate with Colleagues on a Kaltura (My Media) Video in Brightspace

The purpose of this article is to explain how to share a Kaltura (My Media) video with other Brightspace users so they can edit and post it in courses.

Share as Collaborators

Please Note: This method is currently not functioning correctly.  Please use the share a copy method.

TIP: This method retains a single copy of the video that the listed collaborators can edit and/or publish, depending on permissions. Any edits made to the video by a collaborator will permanently alter the video file.

Step 1

Click My Media in the top navbar


Step 2

Locate the video you want to share, and click Edit


Step 3

Click the Collaboration tab under the video image


Step 4

Click Add Collaborator


Step 5

In the pop-up window, search for the username/vunetID and check which permissions you want the collaborator to have, and click Add.

*Note: In order to publish the video to a course the collaborator must have Co-Publisher permission. If a collaborator has Co-Editor permission they can edit the original video file.


Step 6

The collaborator’s name should appear in the Member list


Find a Shared Video

If the owner of a Kaltura video has made you a Co-Publisher or Co-Editor of a video you will need to filter your media to see it.

Step 1

From My Media click Filters


Step 2

In the pop-up window, click Media I Can Publish


Step 3

Any media that you can publish in a course will appear



Share a Copy

TIP: This method creates a copy of the video that you can give to another user. Any changes the new owner makes will not alter the original video file.

Step 1

Click My Media in the top navbar


Step 2

Locate the video you want to share, and click Edit


Step 3

Click Create Clip


Step 4

Scroll down and click Create Clip


Step 5

When you see the message “The media was clipped successfully,” scroll down and click Save


Step 6

Go back to the My Media page and locate the copy you just made


Step 7

Click Edit


Step 8

Click the Collaboration tab under the video image


Step 9

Click Change media owner


Step 10

Enter or search for the user name of the person you want to give the video to, and click Save.


TIP: After you have changed the media owner, the copied video will no longer be in your My Media library. The video will be listed on the new owner’s My Media main page.

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