How to Setup the Gradebook with the Setup Wizard

The purpose of this article is to explain how to setup your Brightspace gradebook using the setup wizard.


Setup Wizard

Step 1

Click Grades in the topnav bar

Step 2

Click Setup Wizard

Step 3

Click Start

Step 4

Select the grading system you want to use. (VUSN uses Weighted) click Continue

Step 5

Select Calculated or Adjusted Final Grade, click Continue

Step 6

Select what to do with ungraded items and auto update (keep the auto update checked), click Continue

Step 7

Select a grade scheme (keep default), click Continue

Step 8

Enter the number of decimal places to display (keep default), click Continue

Step 9

Select the grade details, decimals, characters, and final grade calculations to display to students, (we recommend keeping the defaults) click Continue

Step 10

Review your setup summary for accuracy and Click Finish

Video: Understanding the Grades Tool

in Brightspace

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