How to Set up Groups

This article shows you how to create groups in Brightspace.

Create a Group

Step 1

Click on Groups on the Navbar

Step 2

The groups tool allows you to create and edit groups and categories. The categories house a collection of related groups. Groups subdivide the learners

Click on New Category

Step 3

  1. Enter the name of the Category
  2. Add a description
  3. Pick one of the 7 enrollment types which define how learners are enrolled and how many groups are created.  Each type of enrollment selection will change item #4 accordingly
  4. Number of groups or students
  5. Group Prefix: Precedes the group number upon creation
  6. Additional Options | Create a workspace: Workspace will be associated with the Group category. Workspaces can include discussion areas, lockers, and assignment submission folders

Step 4

Set up the workspaces that you’ve selected in Step 3

  1. For Discussion Area: You can create or choose a forum that will be available to you and the group members. Select the forum or create a new one.
  2. Submission folders

    TIP: Only check this option if you want ONE FILE to be submitted per group and grade and feedback will be the same for all group members
  3. Click Create and Next


Step 5

Workspace Summary: Review your summary and click Done

Step 6

Review the Category and click Save

Step 7

Verify that all the groups are set up correctly.

Video: Create a Group

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