How to Recalculate Quiz Grades

The purpose of this article is to explain to to recalculate quiz grades after adding more correct answers in the Brightspace learning environment.

Update Answer

Step 1

Navigate to the quiz containing the answer you want to update

  1. Click
  2. Click Edit


Step 2

Click Add/Edit Questions


Step 3

Click on the question with an answer you want to update


Step 4

Add a new answer and click Save


Recalculate Quiz Grade

Step 1

Navigate to quiz you want to recalculate

  1. Click
  2. Click Grade


Step 2

Select question

  1. Click Questions
  2. Toggle on Update All Attempts
  3. Under Questions that are not in the quiz anymore, click on the question link


Step 3

Update question answer and points

  1. Under Grading Type, select to Give to all attempts a number of points OR
  2. Give to attempts with the following answer a number of points
  3. Add the new answer and click Save


Step 4

Look at the modifications log to see your updates


in Brightspace

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