How to Post Your Syllabus

This article explains how to post the syllabus in Brightspace.

It is highly recommended that you post your syllabus as a PDF and not a Word file.  Links embedded within the PDF remain clickable for the students, but are disabled in a Word document.

Step 1

Post the syllabus

  1. Click on the Content Tab
  2. Drag and drop your syllabus

TIP: Students are not able to download or print the syllabus directly from the Overview area at this time. In order to provide students with the option to download the syllabus, you must create a Quicklink to it in the welcome message area. See Steps 2-6 below. Please include a brief message to clarify for students that they must use the link if they want to download a printable copy of the syllabus.

Step 2

Click inside the box that says “Add a welcome message, overview, or description…


Step 3

Write an introductory message to students, and insert Quicklink

  1. Enter message text
  2. Click on the link icon


Step 4

Click Course File

Step 5

Click the name of the syllabus file

Step 6

Click Update

in Brightspace

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