How to Navigate Enter Grades

The purpose of this article is to explain how to navigate the enter grades page in the Brightspace Grades tool.

View and Enter All Grades

Step 1

Click Course Admin on the top navbar


Step 2

Click Grades from the Course Admin tools list


Step 3

Standard View: shows all of the students, grade columns, scores entered, and final grades

  1. Students in the course
  2. Running calculation of final grade based on current scores entered
  3. Grade items not in a grade category
  4. Grade Category heading
  5. Individual grade items within a grade category
  6. Students in the course
  7. Final grades


Step 4

Spreadsheet View: allows you to enter grades into any of the grade columns. To get to Spreadsheet View, click Switch to Spreadsheet View


Step 5

Enter grades directly into the gradebook table.

  1. Enter numeric grade
  2. Click Save


View and Enter Grades for Single Grade Item

Step 1

From Enter Grades

  1. Click the next to grade item name
  2. Click Grade All


Step 2

  1. Enter numeric score for the grade item
  2. Click Save and Close


TIP: You can also enter grades for assessments students are not submitting through the Brightspace system, such as class presentations or participation.  First, create a grade item for the assessment as you normally would, then follow the steps above to enter the scores.

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