How to Manage Your Notifications

The purpose of this article is to explain how to change notification settings in the Brightspace learning environment.

Set Up Notifications

Step 1

Open notifications page

  1. Click on your name in the header
  2. Click Notifications


The email address that notifications are currently being sent to is displayed after Send email notifications to: notifications_email

Step 2

If you want to receive notifications via text:

  1. Under Mobile Number, click Register your mobile
  2. Select Country, Mobile Carrier, and enter your mobile number
  3. Click Save


Summary of Activity

Step 3

You can opt to have Brightspace email you a summary of activity for each of your courses using the drop down menu under How often? 


Instant Notifications

Step 4

Brightspace can notify you when a specific action takes place in your course.  To receive instant notifications:

  1. Click on the box in the Email column for notifications to be sent to your inbox
  2. Click on the box in the SMS column for notifications to be sent to you via text message


Customize Notifications

Step 5

You can customize your notifications and exclude specific courses from sending you notifications.

  1. Check any or all of the listed options
  2. Under Exclude Some Courses, click Manage my course exclusions 
  3. Click on the X next to course(s) you want to exclude (To restore, click the blue arrow icon)
  4. Click Close
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save all changes


Video: Manage Notifications

in Brightspace

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