How to Export the Entire Classlist to Excel

The purpose of this article is to explain how to export your classlist to an Excel spreadsheet.

TIP: Use this procedure to generate a list of students in the class and the group each is assigned to (see Step 5). You can then use Excel’s sort feature to sort the data according to your needs.

Step 1

Click Course Admin in the top navbar


Step 2

Click Grades


Step 3

Click Enter Grades


Step 4

Click Export


Step 5

Select information to be included on the spreadsheet

  1. Grade Values: Select which, if any grades, you want to be included
  2. User Details: Select which details about students you would like listed
  3. Choose Grades to Export: Select which, if any grades you want to be included


Step 6

Click Export to Excel


Step 7

When your file is ready to download, click on the file link to open in Excel


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