How to Export a Group List to Excel

The purpose of this article is to explain how to export an individual group list to an Excel spreadsheet.

Step 1

Click Course Admin in the top navbar


Step 2

Click Grades


Step 3

Click Enter Grades


Step 4

Click Export


Step 5

Under Export Options

  1. Select Groups from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Apply


Step 6

Select the group to export

  1. Choose group from drop-down menu
  2. Click Apply


Step 7

Select information to be included on the spreadsheet

  1. Grade Values: Select which, if any grades, you want to be included
  2. User Details: Select which details about students you would like listed
  3. Choose Grades to Export: Select which, if any grades you want to be included


TIP: If students are members of more than one group in the course, select Group Membership to view all the groups a student belongs to.

Step 8

Click Export to Excel


Step 9

When your file is ready to download, click on the file link to open in Excel


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