How to Edit Your Homepage

The purpose of this article is to explain how to edit your Brightspace course homepage.

Copy the Homepage Template

Step 1

Click Course Admin in the navbar


Step 2

Click Homepages


Step 3

Make a copy of the homepage

  1. Click on the  next to VUSN Homepage
  2. Click Copy


Step 4

Click on copy title


Step 5 (optional)

Enter details for new hompage

  1. Give homepage a Name
  2. Enter a Description
  3. Click Save and Close


Step 6

Make the copy the active homepage

  1. Select copy from dropdown menu
  2. Click Apply


Edit the Widgets

Step 7

From the Homepages screen, click Widgets


Step 8

Click the pencil icon in the Banner row


Step 9

Click Content

  1. Use the HTML Editor to add your banner and text. (For more info on using the HTML Editor, click here.)
  2. Click Save and Close


Step 10

Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the START HERE widget

Course Schedule

The course schedule automatically links to the due dates entered for content and assignments. Items can be added to the course schedule at any point in the semester.  It also displays any events that have been created by the instructor.  To create a new event:

Step 1

Click Create an Event


Step 2

Enter event details

  1. Enter a Title for the event
  2. Enter a Description for the event
  3. Select the event Attendees
  4. Enter a day and time
  5. If it is a recurring event, Add Recurrence
  6. Add Restrictions if applicable
  7. Enter the Location
  8. Click Create



The Announcements widget on the homepage is linked to the Brightspace Announcements tool. Announcements can be added at any time.  To Create a new announcement:

Step 1

Click Create an Announcement


Step 2

Create the Announcement

  1. Enter a Headline
  2. Enter the Content of your message
  3. Click Publish


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