How to Create Group Discussion Boards

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a discussion board restricted by groups in the Brightspace learning environment.

  1. Setup Group Discussion Boards
  2. Add Additional Topics to the Forum

Setup Group Discussion Boards

Step 1

Click Groups in the top navbar


Step 2

Click New Category


Step 3

Set up your new group category

  1. Enter a Category Name
  2. Select Enrollment Type
  3. Enter the Number of Groups or Number of Students in each group
  4. Select any Advanced Properties options you want
  5. Check the box next to Set up discussion areas, and click Save


Step 4

Create the Forum and Topic

  1. Select an existing forum or click New Forum to create a new one
  2. Select Create one topic with threads separated by group
  3. Enter a title for the Topic
  4. Enter the text for your discussion question or topic


Add Additional Topics to the Forum

Step 1

Navigate to the Discussions Tool

  1. Click Discussions
  2. Click Discussions


Step 2

Find the forum to which you want to add additional topics

  1. Click the  next to the forum name
  2. Click Add Topic


Step 3

Create the new topic

  1. Select a Forum for the new topic
  2. Select the second radial button: Group or section topic, everyone can access. . ., and choose the Group Category from the drop-down menu
  3. Enter a Title for the new topic
  4. Enter the topic discussion text
  5. Select any Options you want
  6. Add Availability (optional), click Save and Close


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