How to Create an Intelligent Agent in Brightspace

What are intelligent agents?

Intelligent Agents (IAs) is a software and a tool in Brightspace that assists faculty and acts on their behalf by allowing them to delegate work that they could have done. IAs automate email notifications that can help faculty when defined activity occurs in a course or a lack of login or course activity.

An Intelligent Agent can send an email for:

  1. The student hasn’t accessed your course for a specific number of days
  2. The student hasn’t logged in to Brightspace for a designated number of days 
  3. The student has opened (or not) a content page
  4. The student has authored (or not) a discussion post.
  5. The student has earned  (or not)a particular grade

Create an Intelligent Agent

Step 1

Go to Course Admin and Select Intelligent Agents


Step 2 (Optional)

If you want to change the custom email values.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Select Set custom values for this course. Set e-mail values “From” and “Reply to” – Use your Vanderbilt E-Mail
  3. Click Save


Step 3

Click New

Step 4

  1. Enter the name of your agent
  2. Click Edit Description (Optional). These additional details will display on Agent List Page.
  3. Ensure Agent is Enable, in the status section, is selected so the agent is enabled upon creation.


  1. Select all users with specific roles if you have other instructors in the course. If you select all users, the intelligent agent will email everyone.
  2. Select if you need and action for logging activity
  3. Select if you need an action for course activity
  4. Select if you have any release conditions. 



  1. Take action only the first time the agent's criteria are satisfied for a user
    When you select this setting, all users that satisfy the agent’s criteria receive only one email no matter how many times the agent is evaluated.
  2. Take action every time the agent is evaluated and the agent's criteria are satisfied for a userWhen you select this setting, the agent sends an email to all users that satisfy its criteria every time the agent is evaluated.

Select an email when the criteria are satisfied

  1. Enter the names of recipients or {initiatingUser}(String for all students who have met the criteria) See strings for intelligent agents
  2. Write your message. You can use {Strings}
  3. Add any attachments or files to your e-mail.Save and Close


If you need to schedule the intelligent agent select use schedule

Update Schedule (pop up)

Update Agent Schedule

  1. 1. Select if you want the agent to repeat daily, weekly or monthly
  2. 2. If you want the agent to repeat every # of days
  3. 3. Schedule Dates
  4. 4. Click Update



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