How to Create a Gradable Assignment

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create an assignment in the Brightspace learning environment.

Create Submission Folder

Step 1

Navigate to the Assignments tool

  1. Click Assessments in the top navbar
  2. Click Assignments


Step 2

Click New Submission Folder



Step 3

Set up the assignment properties

  1. Enter a Name for the assignment
  2. Select if the assignment will be an individual or group submission (group submission = single grade for the entire group)
  3. Select category for the assignment (optional)
  4. Attach assignment to a Grade Item 
  5. Enter the number of points the assignment is worth
  6. Click Add Rubric to attach a rubric to the assignment (optional)
  7. Enter instructions for the assignment (optional)
  8. Attach additional files to the assignment (optional)
  9. Select desired Submission Options
  10. Enter Notification Email address or a comma-separated list of addresses you want to be notified whenever a new submission is uploaded to this folder (optional)
  11. Click Save and Close



Step 4

  1. Add Start DateDue Date, and End Date as desired
  2. Grant Special Access to any students who made need it
  3. Click Save and Close


TIP: If you suspect some students may late submit, with your permission, move the end date out beyond the due date. They can still submit after the due date and you won’t have to create a new submission area for allowed late submissions.


Video: Create a Submission Folder

in Brightspace

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