How to Create an Arithmetic Quiz Question

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create an arithmetic question in the Brightspace Quiz tool.

Arithmetic questions enable you to assess users’ knowledge and comprehension of mathematics and number theory. You can ensure each respondent receives a unique question by including variables enclosed with curly braces that randomly generate numbers within the problem. For example, if you set variables x, y, and z with a Min 1 to Max 5 number range in 1-step increments, the question “You have {x} green marbles, {y} red marbles, and {z} blue marbles. How many marbles do you have in total?” will randomly generate a rational number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) for {x}, {y}, and {z}.

As a best practice, D2L recommends that you create long answer (LA) question types for arithmetic problems that require users to demonstrate their calculations and show their work.

Create Question

Step 1

Choose question type

  1. Navigate to the new question page from a specific quiz or the Question Library
  2. Select Arithmetic Question (2+2)


Step 2

Create question text

  1. Enter a title for your question (optional)
  2. Enter Points allotted (this can be edited later if you are unsure)
  3. Select Difficulty level (optional)
  4. Enter the Question Text
  5. Click Insert an Image if you want to add an image to the question, and provide a Description for it (optional)
  6. Enter Formula (All variables must be enclosed in curly braces. i.e. 2 * {x} + {y} – {z})
  7. To verify your formula before sharing it with learners, click Test
  8. Enter Answer Precision, check enforce precision if desired (optional)
  9. Enter Units and Worth
  10. Select desired Evaluation OptionsCase Insenitive, Case Sensitive, or Regular Expression



Step 3

Create variables for the problem

  1. Enter a variable a Name
  2. Enter a minimum value in Min and a maximum value in Max
  3. Set the number of decimals to provide in the Decimal Places drop-down list
  4. To set the system’s incrementing steps as it generates numbers from the range set by the Min and Max fields, enter a number in the Step field
  5. To add variables, click Add Variable; to delete variables, click 
  6. Click Preview to see how the question will appear
  7. Click Save


Question Hint (optional)

  1. Click Expand question hint
  2. Enter Question Hint


TIP: In order for students to see the hint when taking the quiz, Allow hints must be enabled on the Properties tab.

Question Feedback (optional)

  1. Click Expand question feedback
  2. Enter Question Feedback text


Video: Creating Arithmetic Questions

in Brightspace

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