How to Create a Brightspace ePortfolio Presentation

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create an ePortfolio presentation in the Brightspace learning environment.

What is a Presentation?

Presentations let you compile Brightspace ePortfolio items into a web project to showcase your achievements. Your presentations can have multiple pages. Presentations provide a polished, professional medium to demonstrate your learning and accomplishments.

A banner appears at the top of every page in a presentation. The presentation title usually appears in the banner, much like a header in a book. You can include additional text in the banner as a description. The theme of the presentation controls the style of the banner, including the background and fonts used.

Themes are default style templates that give your presentations a consistent look and feel. Themes are comprised of styles which control one aspect of the design. For example, there are separate styles that control the look of titles, links, dates, and images.

Suggested Workflow for Creating a Presentation

You can create a presentation at any point in your ePortfolio development, however, the following suggested workflow may save you from unnecessarily editing and re-editing a presentation.

  1. Add items to your ePortfolio and/or Collections within the ePortfolio
  2. Select the items you want to showcase in your presentation.  Make any necessary edits, or add reflections/comments to the items.
  3. Consider how you would like to present the artifacts.
  4. Choose a presentation template with a theme that will best showcase the types of artifacts you want to include.
  5. Add your selected artifacts to the presentation template.

Creating a New Presentation

Step 1

From either the ePortfolio Dashboard or My Items page, click New Presentation


Step 2

In the Properties tab, enter your presentation details. Click Save.


Step 3

In the Theme tab, decide on the template you want to use in your presentation.


  1. Click Select
  2. Click Set Theme

Step 4

In the Content/Layout tab, add the content of your presentation


  1. Click Edit Presentation Navigation to change where navigation links appear on presentation pages.
  2. Click Edit Page Layout to change change the layout of the content areas.
  3. Click the new page icon to add pages to your presentation.
  4. Click the to delete a page or edit its properties, including the page name.
  5. Click Add Component to select content to add to your presentation.
  6. Click Close

Step 5

In the Banner tab, add a title and/or description that will appear at the top of every page in your presentation. Click Save.



Video: Create a Presentation

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