How to Copy a Course

This article explains how to copy a course from one Brightspace course to another.

Step 1

Click Course Admin in the navbar


Step 2

Click Import / Export / Copy Components


Step 3

Find the course you want to copy

  1. Ensure the radio button next to Copy Components from Another Org Unit is selected
  2. Click Search for offering
  3. In the Search For… box enter your search term
  4. Click Show Search Options to see additional search options, and click the magnifying glass or press Enter
  5. Use the radio button next to the course name in the resulting list to select a course
  6. Click Add Selected


Step 4

At the bottom of the screen, click Copy All Components


Step 5

Wait for copy to process

  1. A status bar will appear to indicate components are being copied
  2. When the copy is complete, click View Content to return to the course content page


in Brightspace

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