How to Associate a Discussion Topic to a Grade Item

The purpose of this article is to explain how to attach a discussion topic to a grade item in the Brightspace learning environment.

Step 1

Navigate to the Discussions tool

  1. Click Discussions from the top navbar
  2. Click Discussions


Step 2

Edit the discussion topic

  1. Click  next to title of topic you want to attach a grade item to
  2. Click Edit Topic


Step 3

Associate the discussion to a grade item and select grading options

  1. Click the Assessment tab
  2. Choose a Grade item (or create New Grade Item)
  3. Enter the Score Out Of value
  4. Attach a Rubric if desired
  5. If desired, check Allow assessment of individual posts. Selecting this option allows instructors to assess posts in the topic. Each user’s topic score is calculated using the method selected from the Calculation drop-down list.


Step 4

Click Save and Close

in Brightspace

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