How to Add Assessments to the Course Map

This article explains how to add assessments to the course map application.  Assessments must be added in the course map to appear on the syllabus.

Step 1

Search for your course

Step 2

Click the pencil icon to edit the course version

Step 3

Scroll down to the Course Assessments section and click +Add Course Assessments

Step 4

Enter the assessment details

  1. Assessment Order – enter the number for the order you want the assessment to appear in the syllabus
  2. Assessment Description – enter the name or description of the assessment
  3. Pass/Fail or Graded – if either box is checked, the assessment will appear on the syllabus. If left unchecked, the assessment will not appear on the syllabus.
  4. Weight – enter how much of the total course grade the assignment is worth (this option will disappear if Pass/Fail is checked)
  5. Notes – enter any additional information you would like to appear on the syllabus regarding the assignment
  6. Save – click to save assignment information
  7. Add New or Close – after saving, you will have the option to add another assessment or close


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