How to Add Artifacts to Your Brightspace ePortfolio

The purpose of this article is to explain how to add artifacts to your Brightspace ePortfolio.

Types of Artifacts

There are many types of artifacts you can add to your Brightspace ePortfolio:

  • Reflection: Record your thoughts, goals, ideas, and more
  • Link: Add a link to a website
  • File: Upload a file from your computer or course locker
  • Web Document: Create and add web documents that include formatted text, images, videos, audio files, and links
  • Audio Recording: Record an audio file directly within the ePortfolio
  • Form Response: Add form responses by filling out available form templates
  • Course Results: Import assignment submissions, quizzes, and grades

Adding Artifacts from My Items

Step 1

From the My Items page, click Add and select the artifact type from the drop-down list.


Step 2


  1. Add a file name
  2. Complete any other requested information
  3. Click Next

Step 3


  1. Modify the file’s name (optional)
  2. Add a description for the artifact
  3. Click Save

Step 4


  1. Change or Edit the file before saving
  2. Modify comment and assessment permissions
  3. Displays which presentations the artifact is included in
  4. Associate course learning objectives to the artifact (if used in the course)
  5. Click Save and Close

 Adding Artifacts from the Dashboard

Step 1

You can add artifacts from two locations on the ePortfolio Dashboard.


  1. Click Add Files to upload a file from your computer or Add Link to add a link to a website
  2. Click Add Other Items to add a Web Document, Audio Recording, Form Response, or Course Results.

Step 2

Follow steps 2-4 under My Items

 Adding Reflections from Course Content

You can add reflections on topics that appear within the Content tool of a course.

Step 1

From the topic page, scroll down and click the Reflect in ePortfolio button


Step 2


  1. Enter a title for the reflection
  2. Enter your reflection comments
  3. Click Add

Step 3

Click View reflection in ePortfolio to see the reflection in your portfolio


Video: Create an Artifact

in Brightspace

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