How to Add a SCORM Object in Brightspace

The purpose of this article is to explain how to upload a SCORM object to a module inside of Brightspace.

Step 1

Import components by clicking on the gear icon and selecting Import/Export/Copy Components

Step 2

Select the Import Components radio button, and click Start

Step 3

Upload the .zip file for the SCORM object by clicking Upload or dragging and dropping the file into the box

Step 4

Once the .zip is uploaded, click Advanced Options

Step 5

Customize your Course Package (Step 3 of 5)

    1. Check “Select All Components”
    2. Enter a name for the file location of the object
    3. Select “Overwrite the existing file”
    4. Click Continue

Step 6

Confirm your selections and click Continue

Step 7

When the checkmark next to Imported turns green, click View Content

Step 8

The SCORM package will come into the course as a new module at the end of the Table of Contents. The name of the module will be dependent on how the SCORM object was created.

Step 9

Click the down arrow next to the SCORM object’s name and click Move To

Step 10

Select the module you want to move the SCORM into and click Move

Step 11

Click the down arrow next to the module name click Delete Module

Step 12

Select first radio button and click Delete


  NOTE: SCORM Objects do not transfer when a course is copied from one semester to the next. Complete the above steps to re-import the SCORM object each semester as needed.

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