How to Add a Reflection to a Brightspace ePortfolio

The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a reflection that will automatically be added to your Brightspace ePortfolio.

Adding a Reflection from a Course Topic

Step 1

From the content topic on which you want to reflect, click Reflect in ePortfolio


Step 2

Complete your reflection


  1. Enter a title
  2. Add tags (optional)
  3. Write your reflection in the HTML editor
  4. Click Add

Step 3

You can click Close to return to the content topic page, or click View reflection in ePortfolio to go directly to your ePortfolio where the reflection is automatically added.


TIP: Only your reflection will be added to the ePortfolio, not the content of course topic.

Adding a Reflection from the ePortfolio

Step 1

Navigate to your ePortfolio, and click My Items


Step 2

Add a reflection


  1. Click Add
  2. Click Reflections

Step 3

Create the reflection


  1. Enter a title for the reflection
  2. Write your reflection in the HTML editor
  3. Add tags (optional)
  4. Enable/Disable comments
  5. Click Save and Close

Associating a Reflection to an ePortfolio Item

You can associate reflections with artifacts, collections, and presentations. If you share a reflection associated with another item, only the name of the associated item is available. If you share the associated item, users can view the reflection as part of the item. This makes it easy for users to see how your reflection is connected to the other items in your ePortfolio.

To display a reflection inside a presentation, you must add it to a specific page in the presentation.

Step 1

Navigate your ePortfolio, and click My Items


Step 2

Click the next to the name of the reflection you want to associate, and select Edit


Step 3

Under Associated Items, click Add


Step 4

Choose the item type you want to associate your reflection to


Step 5

Select the specific item(s), and click Add


Step 6

Click Save and Close


in Brightspace

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