Brightspace: Quizzes vs Self-Assessments

The purpose of this article is to explain the differences between quizzes and self-assessments in the Brightspace learning environment.


Quizzes and Self-Assessments are created the same way.  Questions can be added directly from tool by selecting the type of question you want to add, and filling in the question information. Questions for quizzes and self-assessments can also be created and added through the Question Library.

When creating questions for self-assessments, feedback must be provided for each answer choice as it is the only way students will know whether or not they got the answer correct.


Quizzes can be graded automatically or manually and added directly to the gradebook as a grade item.

Self-assessments cannot be graded or added to the gradebook.  The only way for students to know if answers are correct or incorrect is through the feedback provided for each answer choice.  Feedback will appear on screen as soon as the student selects an answer.

Viewing Results

Quiz scores can be viewed in the gradebook.  User and question statistics can also be viewed for both the quiz and individual learners.

Self-assessment results cannot be viewed by the instructor.  The self-assessments tool provides a format for students to interact with the course material.  There are three options for creating self-assessments that allow an instructor to view results.

  1. Create a quiz weighted at 0% (results will populate in the gradebook)
  2. Create a quiz that is not associated to a grade item (will not populate the gradebook)
  3. Create a quiz that is excluded from the final grade calculation
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