Brightspace: Quiz Question Types

The purpose of this article is to explain the types of quiz questions available in the Brightspace Quiz tool.

You can create the following question types in the Quiz tool and the Question Library. Click on the name of the question type to view a Tech Knowledge Base article on how to create that question.

  1. True or False (T/F): create true or false questions
  2. Multiple Choice (M/C): create multiple choice quiz questions
  3. Multi-Select (M-S): create multiple choice questions in which users can select more than one correct answer option
  4. Written Response (WR): create questions that require a response of a paragraph (or more)
  5. Short Answer (SA): create questions that require a response of a word to a few sentences
  6. Multi-Short Answer (MSA): create questions that require a response of more than one word or sentence
  7. Fill in the Blanks (FIB): create questions with one or more blanks to fill in
  8. Matching (MAT): create equal or unequal lists of items to match to one another
  9. Ordering (ORD): create a question that requires putting steps in order
  10. Arithmetic (2+2): create questions in which numbers can be randomly chosen for each variable in the question based on specified number ranges
  11. Significant Figures (x10): create questions in which users are able to enter their answers in scientific notation format.
  12. Likert (LIK): create questions with answers based on one of the six scales available.
  13. Text Information (TXT): create questions consisting of text only, or to provide text pertaining to several subsequent questions
  14. Image Information (IMG): create a question consisting of an image only, or to provide an image pertaining to several subsequent questions
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