Brightspace: Navigation Features

The purpose of this article is to explain additional navigation features in the Brightspace learning environment.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Page

The table of contents is the page users will land on the first time they enter the course.  On the left navigation panel is a list of all the modules in the course. table_of_contents_1

Table of Contents List

  1. Click on a module in the left navigation panel to see the module page displayed on the right side of the screen.
  2.  Under Table of Contents is a list of all the modules in the course. Any sub-modules will be listed under the module name and slightly indented. The module you are currently on will be a slightly darker shade of gray.
  3. The number of topics in the module is displayed in orange.  Instructors will see the total number of topics in the module.  Students will see the number of topics not yet viewed in the module.  If additional topics are added after the student has completed a module, a number will appear to indicate how many new topics have not yet been viewed.


Navigating Content

There are two ways to navigate through the content contained in course modules.

Using Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumb list is located at the top of the topic page.  The gray title indicates the page you are on.  Click on a blue title link to return to a previous page.


Using Forward/Backward Arrows

You can move forward and backward through course content using the arrows located at the top of the topic page.



Any content within a course can be saved to a bookmarks list.

Step 1

Click on the bookmark icon at the top of the topic page.


Step 2

A number next to Bookmarks in the left navigation panel will indicate the number of topics you have saved.


Step 3

Click on Bookmarks to open your list.  You will see the name of the topic you saved and its location within the course.


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