Brightspace: HTML Editor (wysiwyg)

The HTML Editor in Brightspace,  is common throughout the Learning Environment for entering and formatting text.  Here, you can review the features and functions found in the HTML Editor.

TIP: The editor shows up under the content tool when creating files.

Click on the ellipses icon to view all options. (If you don’t see the icon, all choices are available)

Section 1

Enter the name of the file.

Section 2

Select a Document Template: If you have created a template to add to all your items you can attach it here. (Word files).

Section 3

  • Insert Stuff Icon : Insert a variety of multimedia objects into your document, such as files, recordings, and videos from the internet.
  • Insert Image Icon : Add an image to your document. From your computer, within your course or the internet.
  • Insert Quicklink Icon : Add a link to course object (for example: a Discussion or Quiz) or a link to a page on the internet.
    The dropdown menu next to this button allows you to insert special symbols (for example, Greek alphabet characters).

Section 4

Paragraph styles.

Section 5

Bold, Italics, underline. The dropdown menu next to this button allows you to insert strikethrough, subscrip and superscript.

Section 6

Alignment and listing.

Section 7

Font family and font size.

Section 8

Font color.

Section 9

Insert Table: Add a table with your choice of properties. You can edit the number of rows and columns, the border with, and more.

Section 10

Graphical Equation: Insert a mathematical expression at the current cursor location. The dropdown menu next to this button lets you enter the formula using: Graphical editor, MathML and LaTex

Section 11

Undo, redo.

Section 12

Cut and paste.

Section 13

Check Spelling: Check for and report any spelling errors found within the document.

Section 14

Edit HTML Source: Allows you to view and edit the HTML code that is used to create your document.

Section 15

Preview: Allows you to preview your document and ensure that it displays as expected, prior to saving any changes.

Section 16

Toggle Full Screen Mode: Expand the HTML editor to fill the whole screen, for easier editing of large documents. Clicking this button again while in full screen mode will revert to the original size.

Section 17

Resize Window: Click and drag to resize the HTML Editor. The HTML Editor will not automatically resize based on the content you enter. Use this feature to resize as desired.

Section 18

Change the name of the folder where you are saving the file.

Section 19

Publish and save your file.

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