How to Delete a Gradable Object and Grade Column

This article explains how to delete a gradable object and grade column in the Brightspace gradebook.

Delete a Graded Item from Content

Not Associated Graded Item: Click the down chevron and delete grades. You will be warned that student submitted work will be lost.

Associated Graded Item: 

Step 1

Delete the link to it in the content area

Click Content in the navbar and select the module on the left where the link to the gradable object appears.

  1. Click the just to the right of the content link
  2. Click delete topic. (the last choice in the list)

Step 2

  1. Choice 1: The assignment stays but you will have to either delete it or unlink it from the grade column later. If you suspect you may reuse the gradable object later, select this choice.
  2. Choice 2: Delete the assignment (or gradable object) completely
  3. Delete

TIP: In this example the first choice was selected, keep in mind the assignment is no longer posted in the content area, but the student can still access the assignment through the navbar.

Deleting the actual gradable object

Step 1

  1. Click on Assessments on the navbar
  2. Click Assignments

Step 2

  1. Click the checkbox on the left of the assignment you want to delete
  2. Click More Actions
  3. Click Delete

Step 3

Click the delete

Note: The assignment is no longer in the list of assignments.

Deleting the column in the gradebook

Step 1

  1. Click Grades on the navbar
  2. Click the checkbox of the grade column you want to delete
  3. Click More actions
  4. Click Delete

Step 2

  1. Click the checkbox next to the row you want to delete
  2. Click Delete (this gives you a chance to back out if you really didn’t mean to delete it.)

Step 3

You now have one more chance to back out and not delete. Click the delete button in the popup to delete the column.

The grade column or category is now gone. If it was a column inside a category and you selected to distribute the weight evenly across all items in the category, the individual weights of each item will increase to account for their share of the deleted item.

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