How to Navigate Brightspace

This article explains how to use the main navigation elements in the Brightspace learning environment.

The navigation is divided into two sections: the Header and the Navbar.


The header will appear exactly the same on every page in the Brightspace learning environment.

  1. House/VU logo: Returns you to your BrightSpace Homepage from anywhere within the learning environment
  2. Course Name: Returns you to the course’s landing page from anywhere inside the course
  3. Course List Icon: Lists all the courses in which you are enrolled as a student or instructor
  4. Mail Icon: (Message Alerts) Links to the BrightSpace email tool
  5. Subscription AlertsNotifications for subscribed items
  6. Notifications Icon: Lists notifications for all courses in which you are participating
  7. Profile Icon: Links to your profile, role switch, notification settings, account settings (accessibility), and Log Out
  8. Tools: Links to tools you have permissions for


The navbar within your courses will differ from the main page, and are aligned with the Quality Matters standards.

Homepage Navbar: Links tools or resources set by the university.  The navbar on your course pages will differ from the navbar on the main homepage.

Course Navbar: 

  1. Content: Link to course syllabus and modules
  2. Assessments: Links to assessment tools used in your course
  3. Discussions: Links to Discussion Board and Online Behavior statement
  4. Groups: Link to Groups tool for the instructor.  This is also where students will find their own group memberships
  5. Support: Links to VUSN Current Students webpage, VUSN Knowledge Base, the Center For Teaching BrightSpace On Demand resources, and Remote Proctor link for faculty
  6. Class Progress: Link to User Progress tool which allows instructors to check on progress of each student in the course.  Students can only view their own progess statistics.
  7. My Media: Link to Kaltura uploaded media
  8. Course Admin: Link to tools for which you have permission to access.  This link will not appear on student navbars.



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