Brightspace: Getting Started Checklist

The purpose of this article is to provide a step-by-step procedure for setting up your course in the Brightspace learning environment.

  1. Outline Course
  2. Log in to Brightspace
  3. Edit Homepage
  4. Create Gradebook
  5. Build Groups
  6. Build Assessments
  7. Build Instructional Content
  8. Add Quicklinks
  9. Make Course Active
  10. Grade Students


Step 1

Outline your course

  • Decide on a structure for the modules (weeks, topics, units, etc.)
  • Determine what kind and how many assessments you will have.
  • Consider the types of activities and files you will use.
  • Determine if you will have groups or not.  If yes, how will students be organized?


Step 2

Log in to Brightspace at:

Step 3

Edit your course Homepage


Step 4

Create the course Gradebook


Step 5

Setup your Groups


Step 6

Build Assessments


Step 7

Build  Instructional Content


Step 8

QuickLink Assessments to modules


Step 9

Make course Active


Step 10

Grade students

in Brightspace

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