Brightspace ePortfolio Overview

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the ePortfolio tool in the Brightspace learning environment. The ePortfolio is a Brightspace system tool that is not tied to a specific course(s).  You can add content to it from your Brightspaces courses and/or external files on your computer.  The ePortfolio is accessed only from the main Brightspace landing page.


The Dashboard is the main landing page for Brightspace ePortfolio. On the Dashboard page, you can add new content to your Brightspace ePortfolio, review recent activity on your items and items shared with you, and check invites from your peers.


  1. The “What are you learning?” panel prompts you to record brief thoughts about a current learning experience which you can expand upon at a later date. You can also add file artifacts or a link artifact to your Brightspace ePortfolio or associate them with your brief reflection.
  2. The Announcements feed consolidates recent activity on your items and items shared with you.  Your items appear in this area if they have been recently edited, commented on, or assessed. If you contribute a comment, an edit, or an assessment to another user’s item, that item also appears in the Announcements feed and you can see contributions others are making to it.Filters at the top of the Announcements feed enables you to search and view specific sets of content: recent activity by ownership, people and items you’ve subscribed to, and items from contacts in the Instant Messages tool via the Friends List
  3. The Unread Invites panel displays your recent invites, including the author of the invite, the message content, and the associated Brightspace ePortfolio item.
  4. Create new presentations, new collections, and other items directly from the dashboard within the Build Your ePortfolio area.

My Items

The My Items page consolidates all of your artifacts, reflections, presentations, collections, and learning objectives into a single view, enabling you to view, search, and manage all of your content from one location.


  1. Add Brightspace ePortfolio content using the Add, New Presentation, and New Collection buttons
  2. Bulk add items to a presentation or collection, bulk associate items with learning objectives, delete items, or import/export items using the More Actions button.
  3. Perform common actions on your Brightspace ePortfolio items, such as view, preview (image and HTML file artifacts only), edit, copy (presentations only), delete, and share.


The Explore page consolidates items others have shared publicly or privately with you into one view. Shared Brightspace ePortfolio items display in a list that you can sort and filter.


  1. Click on the name of an item, collection, or presentation to open the file(s).  Depending on your sharing permissions, view and leave comments and assessments and edit others’ items.  A feedback activity icon appears beside items when there is comment and assessment activity.
  2. Click on a user’s name to view all content shared from that user.  Click on the star next to the user’s name to subscribe to the user.
  3. Open the context menu to Preview, View, Subscribe to an item, or Ignore an item.
  4. Use the search field to find content. The search checks for matches within item titles, tags, descriptions, and owner names.

Video: ePortfolio Navigation

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