Doctor of Nursing Practice Program


Congratulations to the following students on the successful presentation of their DNP Projects

LaDonna Brown

Enhanced Recovery After Spine Surgery: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Patient Outcomes

Michelle Ardisson, Joan King

Allyson Cole

Standardized Education in Joint Replacement Patients: A Quality Improvement Project

Queen Henry-Okafor, Dawn Vanderhoef

Tiffinie Zellars

Transforming to Patient-Centered Care-An Evaluation of a Quality Improvement Project

Patricia Sengstack, Christian Ketel

Simona Black

A Quality Improvement Project to Combat Workplace Aggression (WPA) Through Increased Requisite Knowledge to Identify and Manage WPA

Susie Adams, Dawn Vanderhoef

Rebecca Kolenik

Impact of Education on Disaster Response Knowledge in Pediatric Intensive Care Nurses

Sheree Allen, Becky Keck

Cerrissa Hugie

Nonpharmacological Anxiety Management Alternatives to Benzodiazepines in an Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

Susie Adams, Dawn Vanderhoef

Benita Ikegwuoha

Comparison of Two Health Literacy Screening Instruments in an Integrated Multicultural Urban Clinic

Susie Adams, Rolanda Johnson

Brittany Watson

Enhancing Parental Knowledge on ADHD and IEP

Carol Ziegler, Mary Lauren Pfeieffer

Misty Smith

Implementation of a Neonatal Non-invasive Ventilation Clinical Practice Algorithm

Patricia Scott, Betsy Kennedy

Traci Lorch

Maternal Sepsis Screening Tool and Treatment Protocol: A Post-implementation Process Evaluation

Melissa Davis, Terri Crutcher

Tiffany Chance

Improving Practice: Implementation of a New Treatment Guideline for Ureaplasma Urealyticum

Stefani Yudasz, Mavis Schorn

Michelle Garnett

Strategies to Increase HPV Vaccination Acceptance and Completion: A Quality Improvement Project

Jana Lauderdale, Brittany Nelson

Jennifer Shelby

Identifying Barriers to Postpartum Depression Screening in the Women’s Health Outpatient Setting

Linda Beuscher, Jennifer Kim

Laura Toliver

Deprescribing Proton Pump Inhibitors in a Rural Health Clinic

Linda Beuscher, Jennifer Kim