AAMN Application

Meeting AAMN Objectives

The following segments are descriptions and summations of how VUSN is meeting AAMN organization objectives, including information on curriculum, course syllabi, education, and AAMN member support.

Objective D

Support members' full participation in the nursing profession and its organizations and use this Association for the limited objectives stated above."

The socialization efforts of the VUSN AAMN chapter are important and the impact these efforts have on helping men to feel a part of the larger nursing community is nearly inestimable. Through SECTION X. MEETING AAMN OBJECTIVES men-to-men socialization, students are more readily able to internalize and develop their lifelong professional identities. Our AAMN chapter integrates many related factors to make this socialization easily accessible, meaningful, and realistic. Importantly, VUSN AAMN socialization and professional identify formation provides men a sense of belongingness in education, research, and practice.